Motorola Droid 2: Launching in 3 Weeks | Droid 2 Features

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Okay, for all Droid lovers out there is some really good news. The highly anticipated and equally kept-under-wraps Motorola Droid 2 is expected to be launched commercially within three weeks!

This should really ease worries concerning the Droid, which has been marked as an ‘end-of-life’ device by Verizon, which basically means that new units will not be shipped and even tech-support will be withdrawn soon.

This may have led to sighs and sobs from the Droid-faithful, but now the good times are almost here again. You can expect the Motorola Droid 2 Smartphone to offer a lot more than the Droid and be right up there with other Android ‘super-phones’.

Here are some Droid 2 features which will surely excite you as a Droid-lover:

  • A slightly modified keyboard with raise keys, which means that the Droid’s wonderful keyboard design has not been tampered with too much.
  • If you never quite liked the gold D-pad nor could make good use of it, the good news is that the Droid two gets rid of it completely.
  • A new Wi-Fi tethering app will enhance wireless internet and connectivity to levels so far only achieved by the Droid X and EVO4G.
  • In another design modification, the ledge between the keyboard and screen is gone and the design has certainly become more seamless.
  • The phone will be powered by a 1GHZ OMAP processor.
  • A 5MP camera and updated version of Motoblur can also be expected.

And these are just a few aspects of the Droid 2 which have been revealed via various leaks and sneak peeks, because the entire project has been kept under a veil of secrecy, for reasons best known to Motorola.

The name ‘Droid’, as you may know, is used under license from LucasFilms. This word was used in the epic Star Wars films, and now something is being done to pay a tribute to those films via the Droid 2. A special Star Wars edition of the phone will also be available post launch, featuring the image of R2D2, the most loved ‘Droid’ in the film series.

All that is required now is an official confirmation from Motorola and/or Verizon for the launch of Droid 2! But it will be really interesting to see how the launch of Droid 2 fares in this really competitive market for high-end smartphones. The market dynamics of 2009 certainly do not apply anymore and the success of this phone will depend on how well Motorola is geared up for that.

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