Leaked T-Mobile myTouch HD Sneak Peak and Specification

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With the T-mobile G2 smartphone already lined up and ready to rock, it looks like T-Mobile will have a big finish to 2010. And just now the next in the line of exciting HSPA+ devices has probably been revealed.

After pictures of the new T-mobile myTouch HD doing the rounds of the internet, now it is time for some documentary evidence. It has been claimed that a document (now visible on leading tech sites) has been leaked from T-Mobile’s dossier on upcoming products and services.

And this document supposedly has some very interesting details of myTouch HD. Sure you could dismiss this as pure speculation, but it is probably not, because names have been named and no one would want include them in falsified reports.


So, what does the leaked document reveal on T-Mobile myTouch HD?

Well, for starters, it states that the phone runs on ‘America’s largest 4G network’. Now let’s not start debating which company has that currently, because true or false, it alludes to T-Mobile for now!

Specification of T-Mobile myTouch HD

The device will have a 3.8 inch screen and a virtual keyboard equipped with Swype, the one-touch typing software. It will also have 4GB of built in storage and a bundled 8GB SD card for increasing the storage space. But most interestingly, it will have a 5MP rear camera and a VGA camera in front. You will be able to use Qik or Yahoo Messenger for video chats, thanks to this camera.

This looks like one of Androids answers for the increasingly popular Face-time software run on Apple devices.

Screen sharing features are also mentioned, but all of it could be as simple as using an HDMI output. There is also the mention of 1GHz ‘dual processor’ but that is probably a reference to a dual core chip. Even then, the myTouch HD surely looks like that wouldn’t let us down.

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