LG Wink Series: Stylish Touch-phones for Teens!

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

High end smartphones with touch-screens are not meant for all budgets and definitely not for teens, for whom pocket money is often the only source of revenue! However LG is here to make sure that even teens can get a taste of touchscreen phones, by launching the new LG Wink series of mobile devices.

These phones, hot off the assembly lines, come which features and styling to capture teen fascinations all over the world. There are three handsets in this series, named LG Wink, LG Wink Style and LG Wink 3G phones respectively. And LG is marketing them as devices perfect for ‘first-time touch-phone users’.

Features of LG Wink Series Phones

The LG Wink is the most basic of the three, with a 2.4” display and compact style, which fits easily into a small pocket. The LG Wink Style has a larger screen and true to its name, actually looks classier too!

The LG Wink 3G as you may be guessing already, offers 3G connectivity and thus faster browsing speeds. The front panels on both the Style and 3G have lots of color accents, probably in line with the target audience preferences. Threaded conversations are allowed too.


LG Wink Series SmartPhones

All phones have a MicroSD slot, a headphone jack and FM radio. There are also in built links to various social networking sites. The user interface has been given a cartoon theme to add to the fun quotient, though all teens may not actually find it appealing.

It would be unfair to comment on the phone hardware and the performance right away as LG haven’t announced it yet. But it is more or less confirmed that the screens are resistive and there is very little memory on board. Moreover there is no Wi-Fi support either, which might make for slower browsing on the non-3G phones.

These LG Wink Series smartphones will be available all over the world starting mid-August and running well into the third quarter. As mentioned, it’s hard to expect much from these ‘teen’ phones as long as LG keeps the specs under wraps. But one thing that’s for sure is that the pricing will be done, keeping the target customers’ financial capacity in mind. In fact you can expect the wink series to provide competition to the Samsung Genio range of phones.

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