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Reviewing few of the best lite mp3 player like Foobar, 1by1, Xion windows player, here is one of the lightest mp3 player and a recommended audio player for any slow computer. Though this Mp3 player does not offer customization preference, but it is good for listening to music without consuming much of the memory usage of your computer!

M3 – This Windows Mp3 player is just 51kb featuring a simple interface along with minimize and playlist shuffling feature making it an extremely light player. Thanks to Madhavan for developing the application which can be downloaded directly from here. lite_mp3_player

Extract the zip file and click on the M3 program to run it without any installation (it’s a portable player) and now drag, drop any of the music you want to listen! Works well with Windows operation system and resides in the bottom left corner of your taskbar without obstructing your work or web surfing. I don’t think there is any other audio player competing with this m3 player size πŸ˜‰


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jitendra vyas January 15, 2010

the only thing is needed is playlist saving support

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