Manage Task Effectively on Your Mac

By Sidharth | Features

I am on a quest of reorganizing, simplifying and enhancing my productivity online.  Traditional ways to manage tasks —  writing down the daily to-do list on a piece of paper, for instance — hasn’t really helped in maximizing my productivity.

When you are on the Mac machine, you know there is an app for almost everything. So the challenge for finding a solution to manage task effectively was on in full swing, and then, I stumbled upon Wunderlist — an easy-to-use task management application to organize and manage the workload.

What I love about Wunderlist is its intuitive interface. The Wunderlist desktop version for Mac ranks above all the to-do applications that I have used till now. You can create, print, share and sync the task with a click of a button. It is hard to believe that there is no catch involved with this beautiful program, and the truth is Wunderlist is indeed free to download.

You can use Wunderlist on Windows and Mac OS. Synchronizing the to-do list and Wunderlist account with smart phones like the iPhone and Android based phone is possible with the free Wunderlist app. I know, Evernote and Remember the Milk does pretty much the same, perhaps much more, but Wunderlist, for the most part, delivers exactly what I want: sleek interface combined with simple and powerful features.

Download Wunderlist For Mac (Website)

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