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Listening to free radio channels on computer can be fun.with me.While I am out,I switch to my mobile phone and play some games before I discovered a Mundu Radio software.For a mobile phone which doesn’t have a inbuilt radio facility can make use of this free mobile radio software – Mundu.

You will get to listen to unlimited live radio,tons of radio stations and also high quality mp3 music all for free.You can also customize the radio station set up by creating and editing your playlist on there site so that you can listen to your favorite stations on any cell phone.

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Pop, Rock, Classical, Bollywood, Oldies,International,Instrumental are some of the pre-defined Digital Radio stations available on Mundu mobile radio software.

Sign up for a free Mundu Radio account, choose your phone type, download Mundu Radio to your PC, sync your phone. Run the installer on your PC to install the “Mundu Radio” client on your Mobile phone.Tune into your favorite FM radio channels and listen to music in MP3 streaming format and at a bit-rate suitable to your current wireless Internet connection.

Mundu Mobile phone Internet radio supports following Mobile handsets :

  • Symbian 7.0 (Nokia 3230 and 7610) Symbian 8.x (Nokia 6680, 6681, 6682, 6630, N70 and N90) Symbian 9.x ( Nokia N80, N91, N95, E61, E70) Windows Mobile 2003SE for Pocket PCs,Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones,devices with Palm OS 5.2 and above.

With Mobile technology and entertainment growing faster,Mundu would be a good choice for your Mobile phone.

Download Mundu Free Radio Software

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