New Digg Sucks? Reddit All Over the Digg FrontPage Now!

By Sidharth | Features

The top digg users who are apparently enraged and dissatisfied with the latest digg design, that went live last week, are submitting stories of Reddit which is dominating the front page. This is easily one of the bizarre news of the day, done in good faith!

If you can look into the top news of the new digg – you’ll find stories of Reddit all over the frontpage and also comments like ‘Reddit’, ‘RIP New digg’ are copied and pasted on the frontpage stories. This is utterly humorous which makes you laugh out loud (lol) for sure!


At one point, the new digg was appealing but users hated it. Apart from the buggy interface — unexpected 404 broken links (I hate that page, btw) — baffling navigation — the new digg also brings in auto feed publishing. Overall, Digg now looks like a site that anyone would not want to visit for exploring quality content.

While it is true that most of the diggers promote content but the whole point of using digg is to primarily entertain the netizen with rich content and everything was on the right track until the new digg went live.

So, time to shake a leg, Kevin Rose. Can you revamp.. Oh wait, how about bringing back the old digg? That would be an wise decision!

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Partner November 7, 2010

I hate the new digg. IT JUST SUCKS.
with the “slow down partner”…

I invision some DICK “kEVIN R” adding this shit code. This suck azz makes me sick and the site !!!!.

please someone suggest something else.

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