New Internet Explorer 9 Leaked Interface and Features

By Jay Shah | Features

So far only developers have been fortunate enough to preview the latest and yet to be released Internet Explorer browser. You can take a look at the interface of this browser on September 15, at the beta launch event hosted by Microsoft in San Francisco. Well, maybe not!

Recently a photo surfaced on the Russian press website of Microsoft and it has been quickly pulled off along with the entire post, which suggests that it may just have been the IE9 beta interface!

Unfortunately the single screen shot does not reveal too much about the IE9 interface. All that you get to know is that there is a navigation bar and fewer controls than previous versions of Internet Explorer. There is also a URL cum search box at the top along with a back button.


But the text accompanying the screenshot provided more useful information. The text was in Russian but a simplified translation revealed that the IE9 interface will have a condensed yet easy-to-use navigation bar. The idea is to make more space for the actual website to be displayed. Supposedly the several menu items present in previous versions of internet explorer have been combined into one space for objective and fast navigation.

Additional Features in Internet Explorer 9 Browser

A brand new option included in this browser will allow you to visit certain ‘recognized’ sites directly from the Windows taskbar without opening IE9. So, does it mean that specific ‘safe’ sites will be treated as Windows executables rather than websites? Interesting, and reason enough to be glued to the proceedings!

All you need to do in order to open sites in this manner is to drag the site tab into the taskbar. This ‘pins’ the site onto the taskbar and once ‘pinned’ the site can be accessed independent of IE9. But then, will this be a Windows 7 specific feature? That remains to be seen…

Another interesting revelation about Internet explorer 9 browser is about the ‘tear-off tabs’. This will allow you to turn selected tabs into separate windows by utilizing the Aero Snap feature present in Windows. This helps when you want to view to web pages side by side on your computer screen. Latest versions of Firefox and Safari already have this option.

Microsoft has refused to accept that this inadvertent ‘leak’ actually happened and maintains an official stance of nonchalance at this point. But for the sake of the future of Internet Explorer let’s hope that these good things actually turn out to be true!

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