One Hot Android Phone: Motorola Droid X Phone

By Jim Roberts | Cell Phones

Motorola’s Droid has been popular since it was released in the market. The demand and popularity resulted to a new phone to be released this summer. Motorola Droid X is the new phone to be released as a follow up to the Droid which is $200 with 2-year service contract under Verizon.

Droid X’s specs are the best as compared to the other Droid phones, though the phone has some issues when it comes to performance. Let’s see what Moto has to offer..

Motorola Droid X Features

The resolution of the camera and the colors are fantastic. The screen is also responsive to taps and swipes. One complain that I can give is that the X is reflective and glossy that’s why it is quite hard to navigate the phone when you are in a place with bright lighting.

The multi-touch technology of the phone is superb. It is now improved to support the browser, photo gallery, and software keyboard. With the improvement of the technology, the user can hold down the shift and press a letter. You also have the choice to use the Swype to help you type faster. You just need to master how to use the Swype and you will find it very convenient.

The X has now an improved MotoBlur with the presence of a navigation bar so that the users can switch from one home screen to another. It is also reduced to two-widget bubbles that you can sync with social networks.  This is much better as compared to the old MotoBlur.

Droid X runs the Android 2.1 and not the latest version 2.2.  The updated 2.2 will be released this summer. The standard Google Android applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Talk are still available at launch.

Performance of Motorola Droid X

The speed of the phone is reasonable because of the 1GHz processor. Launching and switching applications are not time consuming anymore. There are no problems when opening media-rich sites because they are loaded quickly. Uploading videos and files is easy as well.


Call and voice quality on the Motorola Droid X Phone is also good with Verizon’s network. Your contacts can expect a clear voice from you even with a little background noise. But as for my contacts, there’s something wrong with their voice. Either it is because of the phone that they use or because of the Droid X.

Overall, the Droid X is one of the hottest and top phones that will be released this summer. The features, design, and usability of the phone are absolutely good.

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