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Question: What is the best way to download video clips from Daily Motion and watch these clips offline?

Daily Motion is a video sharing website which is possible the next best site after YouTube. One advantage of using DailyMotion is that you can add subtitles to an existing and watch the whole video with subs — this is not possible on YouTube videos. Now, if you want to download videos off Dailymotion, you may want to use softwares. These free utilities will grab the videos from Dailymotion’s server, process them and generates a downloadable link for your video. You can save them on your computer and view them at any point of time.

Daily Motion Video Downloader

So how can I save Daily Motion videos on my computer? To be able to download videos off Dailymotion, you can follow some of these online websites that promises to convert and send you files instantly.

Firstly, try out Clipnabber, which is a free online video downloaders. This site not only gets videos from Dailymotions but also downloads Veoh videos!

Another popular service called Zamzar converts documents (can be used as a Docx converter) and videos — it works well with Dailymotion. Before downloading, you will have the option to convert the video file into other compatible format such as .AVi, .WAV or .MP4 format.

Download Dailymotion online videos

Here is the video explaining on how to download any online videos or Dailymotion videos using Zamzar.

If these online downloader doesn’t work, you’d be better off download desktop video downloaders — although, after some testing, these two sites tend to complete the downloading task without any hassle.

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