Download Latest updated Version of Opera Browser – Opera 6.0

By Sidharth | Features

After updating my Opera to 9.52 version recently,I found out opera has released the new out-of-beta Opera 6.0 version for download.So far the changes in the latest version makes the browser run faster and smooth as many neglected bugs in Opera 9.5 were solved in the new version.

Another noticeable feature is the feed preview which allows you to preview the feeds of any blog/website before subscribing to them.Introduction of low bandwidth option for Opera Mail, also called M2 are also present in the latest version along with the new synchronization option.

Opera 9.6 desktop browser is available for Linux, Mac and Windows platform.Just downloaded the Opera 9.6 and love the promised fast browsing as well as multi feed column preview option! If you haven’t done yet then go for it now 😉

Download Opera 9.6 now!

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