Panorama and Sync: New Features in Firefox 4 Beta 4 Browser

By Jay Shah | Features

Firefox 4 Beta 4 is here and surely you can expect a lot of new features too. While you can explore the browser yourself to make many interesting discoveries, here are two features that deserves the spotlight: Panorama and Sync.

Panorama was previously called ‘Tab Candy’ is basically a visual tool meant to improve user experience with the Firefox. It lets you get an overview of all tabs which are currently open and allows you to group them into sets according to your preference. A drag and drop interface allows you to perform this action.

An icon at the right end of the bookmark bar takes you to the tab-arrangement screen. Here you can expand tabs, delete them and organize them as you like. While this maybe unnecessary if you prefer the default tab arrangement, but it surely is helpful when you have numerous tabs open at any point of time.

If the new tab management tool makes you happy, Sync will bowl you over. It’s no secret that we use multiple devices for computing: PC’s , laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. as our choices are not limited by any means.

But would it not be great if you could use the same browsing settings on devices you own. Sync allows you to do exactly that and you can use the same bookmarks, history, carry over passwords, form-data and even open tabs on other computers and the iPhone. So no longer do you have to spend time in updating your browser with favorites, bookmarks, passwords on a device you are using for the first time.

How does this work? Well, Firefox collects the required information from your primary computer and sends it to a secure a server from where you can download it later, when you wish to start browsing on a new computer.

For the iPhone, you need to have Firefox Home for Sync to work. If you have doubts about the security, rest easy, as all information is encrypted before being forwarded to the server. Overall, two great features for you to enjoy on the new Firefox 4 beta 4!

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