Samsung Galaxy Tablet Specification, Features and Pricing | The New iPad Killer?

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Tablet fans looking for something other than the iPad (don’t ask why!) rejoice because Samsung has finally spoken up about the Galaxy Tab at the IFA in Berlin. The first official Galaxy Tab commercial has also been released.

Samsung calls this a ‘smart media device’ and it looks quite likely that the Galaxy Tab will live up to that billing. It will have Android 2.2 Froyo on board when it ships, a first for tablets.

Specification, Features of Samsung Galaxy Tablet

It is powered by a CortexA8 1GHz processor and has 512MB of RAM. And the Galaxy tablet will have storage memory up to 32GB but this can be increased with the help of an SD card. The screen is mainly about a 7-inch TFT LCD display having a 1024×600 resolution and a 3MP camera with features such as auto-focus and LED flash.


With an additional 1.3MP camera in on the front of the device, you will be able to engage in video chats, something you cannot do with an iPad. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity should take care of your browsing needs. Battery life of Galaxy tablet is impressive to, with the device able to deliver up to seven hours of movie playback without charging.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet: the iPad Killer?

It should also be noted that Galaxy tablet weighs around 380g and is thinner than the Apple iPad. The hardware is powerful and Froyo should do just fine as far as the operating system is concerned. So, finally it looks like we have an Android tablet on our hands worthy of facing up to the iPad.


The iPad of course, is a much larger tablet with a screen size of 9.7 inches. Thus, the Galaxy Tab may lose a bit of ground when it comes to the latest games, because those 2.7 inches do make a difference to the visual experience of gaming. But then, the Galaxy Tab also does lots that the iPad does not.

Apart from the point already covered (video calling/chat) the Galaxy supports Flash, both integrated in web browsers and as a standalone player. Moreover it also supports video formats such as XviD and DivX.

So, if priced competitively, Samsung’s Galaxy tablet may go on to be a really successful in the market. But that, to a large extent will also depend on how effective the Froyo is on a tablet. After all, there is a lot of speculation that Android is not yet ready to jump out of the mobile. Let’s hope that this device succeeds and strengthens the tablet-platform further.

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