Sony Ericsson Aino Phone Comes With New and Improved Firmware Version

By Jim Roberts | Cell Phones

In response to the numerous client requests and feedbacks, Sony Ericsson has unveiled its latest firmware update for its Sony Ericsson Aino mobile phone. This particular model was released when the demand for a high resoulution, wide screen and touch surface technology was in its peak.

Being a slider type phone, it fits perfectly into the hands as well as in the pockets and tiny carrying cases. The initial firmware update resolved some issues about the screen resolution of the phone and its capacity to respond well to commands. This update involves the resolution, the battery consumption and speed of the phone.

Aino comes with Improved Firmware Version

The issue on battery life has been one of the most frequently commented downside of this model among blogs and forum discussions online. This update also improves the stability and performance of the Sony Ericsson Aino. Running multiple programs which causes the phone to freeze is now resolved by fixing the limitations in the memory allocation and consumption.

The most interesting part in the firmware update released by Sony Ericsson is the inclusion of a new game called Loco Rocco. The phone also becomes more functional as a communication device and an entertainment tool.


However, the thrill of having this phone never ends. With the most current update, the inclusion of a few more themes make the phone more versatile that fit the styles of the user, this makes a wider option for any user when it comes to replacing phone appearance according to moods or occasion. There is a new game too! The game menu of the phone becomes longer with the inclusion of a new and exciting game called Bubble Town 2.

In the appearance of better and higher forms of video codecs, the Sony Ericsson Aino is now equipped with the ability to accommodate MPEG4 video codecs. This makes it possible to record and play current video types available in the market.

The wireless capacities of the phone have been enhanced too.  A user will be able to experience better and faster Bluetooth transfers. If you are trying to connect to a wireless network, the upgraded WLAN feature of the phone will never disappoint you. Connections are now easily achievable and speeds of data transfer are much more improved.

This is evidence enough that Sony Ericsson never fails to see what is really needed by their clients and consumers.

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