Sony Revamps the eReader Family With Pocket Edition, Reader Touch and Daily Edition eReader

By Jay Shah | Features

New e-readers from Amazon and Barnes & Noble have prompted Sony to get into action to stay in the competition. And after lots of rumors and leaked facts, it is finally official- Sony is coming out with three e-readers sporting a host of improved features such as optical touchscreen and E Ink displays. These devices will be available pretty soon and should increase your choices as far as e-readers are concerned.

The Sony Pocket Edition Reader measures 5.7×4.1×0.3 inches and weighs 0.4 pounds, which makes it lighter and smaller than previous Readers. While it retains the 5-inch display of old, now there is E Ink Pearl for a better reading experience. The screen has also been decked up with a touch layer.


Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition eReader

And it’s not just any other touchscreen! Sony has used its own enhanced touch technology so that touch operation does not interfere with the E Ink display. The technology, whatever it is, does one heck of a job and touch page turns are amazingly responsive!

A small stylus (also present in the other two devices) is fitted on the right of the device and allows you to take notes easily. It also has 2GB storage and an SD slot, but no Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. The $179 price perhaps is a tad too high considering that.

The Sony Reader Touch edition will retail at $229 and you will get Memory Stick Pro slots and color options for the extra cash you will pay. No Wi-Fi or 3G on this one either.


Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition eReader

Only the Reader Daily edition will have Wi-Fi, but no 3G. This updated 7-inch reader has got the improved touchscreen and new E Ink display and weighs only 0.5 pounds. At $299, it is a bit hard to imagine how Sony plans to pit this device against other devices which have 3G and Wi-Fi but cost much less.


Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition eReader

But most Sony devices come at a premium don’t they? Well, these e-readers are no exception. It remains to be seen whether people will actually warm up them, but Sony’s only hope lies in the unique touch feature and the slimmed down nature of the devices.

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