Sony Xperia Android 2.1 Update Expectations

By Kaushik | Android

As all of you must have heard about Sony delaying the much awaited Android 2.1 (Eclair) update for its Xperia phones till the end of October.

Though worldwide Android 2.2 (Froyo) has been released, Sony is still not ready to roll out the 2.1 upgrade for some technical reasons. Just to whet your appetites even more here’s a list of the things you can expect from the upgrade.

1. HD video recording – The Xperia is set to get HD video recording which the phone is sure to deliver with it’s admirable 8.1 mega-pixel camera. Plus, continuous auto focus for those high quality videos.

2. Multiple customizable home screens – 2.1 users have the ability to choose from up to 5 fully customizable home screens- so get ready to experience a whole new level of awesomeness. Also, more home screens mean more space to cram in apps from the rapidly increasing Android store.

3. Google Earth – The most talked about application on Android 2.1 is the Google Earth app. It’s well Google Earth on phone. The ability to fly around the earth with the swipe of a finger is incredible. If you love using Google Earth on the computer, wait till you use this.

4. Social Phonebook –It syncs your contacts pictures from Facebook on your phone and shows when they are online. Also pulls contacts from Facebook and provides their info as needed.

5. Voice control – Android 2.1 comes with a huge array of voice control enabled functions. From sending texts to tweets to emails can all be achieved now by just telling the phone what to do.

6. Bluetooth – The mini and the mini pro look set to get a much wanted upgrade, Bluetooth! Sending and receiving files on these two devices is set to get so much easier with the inclusion of this vanilla s/w which has been strangely missing from them all this while. Bluetooth transfers from the media gallery will be good to go after the roll out of this upgrade.

7. Back up – Improved back up options are set to appear for all the three devices which will enable extended content back up and better application restoring.

8. Improved messaging – The mini and the mini pro are set to get an upgrade to better their messaging with improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers set to come in.

So there you go eager awaiters of the upgrade. Though just a heads up, don’t bank too much on the end October release date as Sony has announced that it will not be a global launch but a phased launch to comply with legal and operator requirements. Happy Waiting!

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