Supported Format Movies, Music Videos on PSP 3004 Device

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sonypsp_logoSony PSP is indeed one of the best gaming console available in the market that also provides rich-media experience. Various PSP edition have come and gone and currently Sony have also stopped manufacturing the PSP 3000 devices – So the latest available PSP model is PSP 3004 (PSP GO isn’t released yet).

Though there isn’t a huge difference between PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model (even the price tag remains the same) but PSP 3004 comes with Sony’s un-hackable firmware (which is actually hacked now!) and a brilliant LCD Screen along with clear audibility (though the loudness of music is still low). Here we will talk about the supported video formats, audio formats on PSP 3004 device.


PSP 3004 Supported Format

If you have UMD format file, then you can directly open these formats on PSP. These UMD are special video & audio format from Sony which stands for Universal Media Disc.

Supported Video Format on PSP 3004 – Unfortunately the support of movies, music video format is quite limited in PSP devices. PSP 3004 supports UMD and Mp4 (MPEG 4) format profile only. So if you have any Divx, AVI videos then don’t try to open them on your PSP – they aren’t going to work anyway.

Supported Audio Format on PSP 3004 – If you want to listen to music on PSP then download or convert audio files into formats such as MP3 (this is standard), Mp4, WAV, WMA or AtraC3 plus forms. Once again UMD format audio songs are playable on PSP.

Note: There are separate folders for adding media’s onto your PSP. For music videos, movies you can transfer them to ‘VIDEO’ folder whereas the music songs can be sent to ‘MUSIC’ folder so as to access the content from PSP.

Also to add or transfer music video, movies or audio songs you must make use of memory stick which is available in various size such as 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and so on.. once you’ve added the files on appropriate folder, you can play or watch them on your PSP.

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