The 4G Killer Apps! Putting Tomorrow in Today’s Technology

By Jim Roberts | Cell Phones

There are many technological areas to test before proving to the world that an application scores a major success on the Fourth generation (4G) wireless network with regards to its capacity and speed. In addition, envision this scenario of watching a TV show on your tablet notebook pausing it to start over a video call with someone else.

Also, the developers of the wireless technology will rock you down by introducing the newest application until you acquire the 4G 10x speed secured network. It is therefore advised for you to choose wisely and read more about the features before handing them your dollars.


Apps above the clouds

Data and applications of the 4G network work with added appeal, making professional enterprises needing faster access for their transactions through the internet. 4G network becomes cloud computing offering better platforms.

When broadband gets in to the device with a bigger and more satisfying outcome, there will be a great deal among users regarding this cloud service and they will see it as a dependable, well-designed and more secure service. The application is now up above the clouds and you should know more about it to satisfy your curiosity with regards to 4G network.

Augmented Reality of 4G

Most popular among any promising application nowadays is the navigation. It is one of the hottest phone applications that 3G devices boast of. 3G technology plays an essential role in downloading maps where zooming in or expanding can be made.


However with the 4G band, the application gives an Augmented Reality while navigating. It presents a visually clear picture of the place via your own phone. Through this, you can even get its GPS information.

On stream moving pictures

Nowadays, more and more handy phones come with advance features and most of them developed better cameras not only meant to capture still pictures but also record videos. Well, it is not anymore surprising the next time you hear about it, you will be amazed that it does not only upload the video right after it has been recorded but could already be streaming it live.

With the previous technology, you should first record the clip and save prior to uploading to your favorite site but we are lucky since a service provider has come up with a program where in you can have live mobile videos directly seen through the web, known as live stream video, therefore creating a live broadcast reporter out of you.

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