[Theme Download] Google Chrome skin for Opera browser

By Sidharth | Features

After updating my Opera browser on my Windows XP machine, I really wanted to change its look. I wanted to design a skin that looks classy, but my designing skills are unfortunately limited. There are, however, skins available for Opera that makes this browser much more “useful.” Here’s a skin I have been using on Opera that looks exactly like Google Chrome browser.

The latest version of Opera (9.52) is smooth and loads pretty quick with smart address bar showing up histories, bookmarked URL, etc. This Chrome-Opera skin has a rich layout with a fresh blue color on the top and the tabs look silky-smooth. So far, the theme resembles Chrome theme including the icons on the menu bar.

Installing the skin is pretty easy — simply open your Opera browser and download the skin from here. Activate the theme and you are done! Want to have more fun? Launch both Opera and Chrome and try to figure out which browser is which one — do this after installing Chrome theme on Opera.

Download Opera Chrome theme

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