Windows Phone 7 Boots Faster than iPhone iOS4 and Android OS

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Windows Phone 7If you had high hopes from Windows Phone 7, then the latest piece of news may boost your hopes even further. A recent video from Pocketnow shows that the OS boots faster than the Android and iPhone iOS4, and that too by quite a margin!

Windows Mobile used to be a really powerful mobile platform, but that is history now, with iPhone iOS and Android being the trendsetters these days. Even at its peak Windows Mobile was never known for its agility, but looks like they are back in the business!

The latest Windows OS for mobile boots in an impressive 25 seconds – from power off to a navigable home-screen! In comparison, iPhone iOS4 and Android devices take about one minute to reach a usable state. The previous Windows Mobile 6.5 took over a minute to boot up. Now that’s an improvement isn’t it?

While speedy booting may not be an earth shattering benefit, but let’s face it, high end smartphones need to reboot quite often. This is because their operations are similar to computers and any changes made to the system (installing apps, removing apps and more) can only take proper effect after a reboot.

In this case will it not be really nice if your phone can spring back to action in under 30 seconds? And it’s not as if only Microsoft devices need rebooting (an argument forwarded by most Windows haters)!

By the look of things, Windows Phone 7 will be worth the wait. After all it has already been proven that it can outdo the Blackberry 6.0 browser and can go neck-in-neck with Android and iPhone browsers. And even more encouraging is the fact that the OS is far from a finished product. So you can easily expect further improvements to come in place.

Even in the scenario that no significant improvements are made, you can expect a top-notch OS soon enough. The only thing Microsoft needs to do now is to ensure that the OS gets proper hardware support to bring the best out of it. After all, an operating system can perform well, only if the hardware allows it to!

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