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xbox_live_games_win7_os Microsoft has finally announced the list of Xbox LIVE games which will be available on the Windows Phone 7, towards the end of the year. And the company has promised that gradually you will enjoy the complete awesomeness of the Xbox on your Windows Phone 7, with a slew of features and upgrades in the pipeline.

The mission is to ‘deliver definitive games that maximize the platform’ as has been revealed in a company statement. And this should be music to ears of thousands of Xbox fans across the world. Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7 will surely help you look at handheld gaming in a completely different way.

Playing the best games at the touch of a button will become a reality with the Games hub on the Windows Phone 7. You will not have to do the arduous task of sifting through thousands of games, most of which are simply not good enough. In the games hub, there will be carefully selected games representing the best that there is, across platforms such as PC, mobile and console.

And not only do you get to just play these games on your own, it’s actually an immersive experience that awaits you. Similar to Apple Appstore, there will be try-before-you-buy game demos, LIVE leader-boards where you can match up your scores with others across the globe, Multiplayer action because the future of online gaming is MMORPG and complete records of your in-game achievements. All of this on your Windows Phone!

Content from Microsoft Game Studios will also be available, which means more bestselling game titles such as Crackdown 2 and the Halo series. For Microsoft Game Studios, this represents the future of gaming as they see it.

List of XBOX Live Games on Microsoft Phone 7

As far as the game titles which will be available initially are concerned, you can be sure that it will be the biggest franchises from the most renowned developers out there. Konami, Namco, PopCap, THQ and many more will have their games to entertain you. Whether it is the challenging puzzles in Bejeweled, the rocking music of Guitar Hero or the nail biting action sequences of The Harvest; you are in for a gala time!

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And that’s not all, because you will also be connecting with more than 25 million active Xbox LIVE members from across the globe! You can create a 3D avatar for your gaming profile and start your journey on Xbox Live. Communicate with your game-buddies via Xbox LIVE messages, an instant messaging feature. Just so much to look forward to!

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