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Where free speech seems to be adorned and the internet living is also affected in China, it seems the internet browsing is totally snugged out in China. In popular China places like Beijing and Shanghai, people are trying out ways to access blocked websites. Though China has pretty much everything of there own, i.eĀ  – there own local Social networking to Search engine and instant messenger!

But if you want to access blocked China websites and want to get around the filters for specifically accessing twitter and its search hashtags, then here are a few tips and ideas to help you out.

Accessing Blocked Websites in Chinatwitter_blocked

Make use of proxy ā€“ Proxy websites are popular, though some of the Chinese proxies are blocked but you can always make use of updated proxy list and get a VPN connection through proxy (Works for every blocked site) that allows you to access the webpage anonymously.

Switch to OpenDns –Ā  Head over to Open dns website and configure your DNS to the described value that will help you in accessing sites quickly.

Twitter alternative ā€“ Though web interface is blocked, you can try out itweet and other tweeting clients online for accessing blocked twitter in china and also around the world.

And if you know any ways for accessing blocked sites then do let me know via comments.

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Joey August 12, 2010

You could move to Hong Kong or stay the hell away from China. China has so much opportunity, but they don’t use it. Hong Kong has free speech, and is barely affected by communism since it became a part of China. Also, while everywhere else in China is in the Lower-middle income, less than Russia, Hong Kong is completely developed, higher than Greece and South Korea! The fact that the Chinese government doesn’t think more about that is as bad as Apple not thinking about the fact that computers hundreds of dollars cheaper and less expensive than the Macbook can run Hackintosh successfully while they still charge higher prices.

Another thing, what the hell does China have to worry about? They have a capitalist economy, their business is doing good, even the poorest countries in the world have free internet and no one is protesting or shooting up government buildings because of some website. They are too paranoid. The Tianamen square crap.. who the hell remembers that bullshit? Lots of Chinese already know it happened, no sense in ignoring that. All communism does is bring fear. I don’t get why there is even such a thing. Everyone already knows that Democracy has been proven to be successful. Russia did go to some sort of a recession after the end of communism, but if China gradually turns into a democracy starting with free and open internet, who knows..

Sidharth June 17, 2009

@Old Man Dotes – Whoa..

First of all thank you for the comment. Well, I haven’t played World of Warcraft games or visited the channel (Gold farmer is related to that?)

And I agree there are a lot of Spams messages in unidentified text which I believe is originated from China.. but hey, every Country has spammers around. I guess Nigeria outranks China when it comes to Spamming issue šŸ˜‰

There emails look like spam because we don’t understand Chinese šŸ˜€ j/k..

Appreciated your comment.. Have a nice day.

Old Man Dotes June 17, 2009

Actually, as someone who is not in China and has no willing contact with anyone in China (I simply don’t know anyone there), I’d like to have all Chinese Internet space blocked from contacting me. I get lots of email from China – and every single bit of it is phishing spam. I know of a number of people whose World of Warcraft accounts have been stolen by Chinese gold farmers; and there is constant spam in chat channels in World of Warcraft, again, from Chinese gold farmers.

So if the *outbound* traffic from China were to be blocked, I would have no reason to contact the Red Army to report Falun Gong affiliation by the gold farmers. You do know that the Chinese gold farmers who are making money from World of Warcraft are using it to fund the Falun Gong, don’t you?

    lemon March 11, 2010

    obvious u dont know chinese at all as a chinese i think

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