Address bar doesn’t load Website? Fix Warning Unresponsive Script issue on Firefox

By Sidharth | How-to

I upgraded my Firefox browser to 3.6.6 and met with issues that has left me disappointed. Lamenting over the problems, I decided to make a move and picked Google chrome that loads webpages faster, though, having all my bookmarks and history on firefox browser, I was pushed to find out a solution to fix the issue of warning: unresponsive script on firefox.

The problem: There were two issues – first was the unresponsive script warning (screenshot below) which I believe was due to the stumbleupon addon, and the second issue was of address bar not loading any of the website even after viciously hitting the enter button.


The solution: I played around a bit in the ‘application data’ folder of Firefox with hopes of finding a fix to the address bar issue. And then lurked in Mozilla forums – and found it funny reading the response of people whimpering over the exact same issue.

I did a lot of tweaks, but the best possible fix is to download a fresh Mozilla Firefox setup from Mozilla website and do a standard installation once again.


Silly? Well this worked for me. Both of the issues of warning unresponsive script and the annoying location bar that doesn’t work, were fixed. So there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work for you.

Sometimes the solution for complex issues are really simple. Go ahead and give it a try! 😉


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