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By Sidharth | How-to

It is amazing how people do not care about Password setting, some of you may have a long password which are weak and uses dictionary words.Others hardly care to set a proper password which yahoo news revealed in a survey that included 46% of the people using weak passwords for most of the online activities.Here is the list of weak password most of the people prefer 


Most used weak passwords

  • Using your own email id or your name as the password
  • Letters in sequence – QWERTY and AZERTY (European keyboard)
  • Keypad numbers such as 12345678 and 1234
  • Easily guessable dictionary words
  • And popular tv shows like Pokemon, Hannah and movies including Ironman, Matrix so on ..

Maybe even you have set the same password as mentioned above, it is better to change them now as hackers can make use of softwares that generates random passwords and matches them – eventually stealing your password.Set strong passwords using online tools or freeware password generator and keep changing them for few months.Make sure the passwords includes numbers as well as names, the longer the better!

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stratosg February 22, 2009

a very good point made here Sid. you are absolutely right!! nice post…

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