Backup Safari Bookmarks, Preference, Other Browser Settings

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This is an interesting tool for internet browser backup, for Firefox we have Firefox addons, mind you – tons of addons which restores passwords, bookmarks, preference etc.. for Chrome we already have Google Chrome backup utility and in this post we will be backing up other standard browser such as Opera and Apple Safari browser preference with free tool.Fav browser has come up with this backup tool called “Fav Backup” which is an excellent freeware required to restore, save not only Safari preference & settings but also Opera 10 browser, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox backup are done swiftly.


What Can Fav Backup do:

  • Save and restore bookmarks, Cookies and extensions or addons.
  • Save last session, current session tabs and visited links
  • Save the whole browser profile as well as web data and histories.
  • Save preference, cookies and website previews.

Download Fav backup and install it on your PC. Then you can select backup or restore process. Note that I prefer Safe backup and Safe restore options, then select the browser you want to backup the Internet settings, preference or the whole profile and proceed with the simple steps.

Download Fav Backup from Rapidshare

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