Exact Text from CHM file and PDF File Using Text Mining tool

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Mining tools are generally used to dig deep into “something.” In our case, however, we are going to mine data of CHM and PDF files. But why would you want to do that? Is it useful to extract text and other data from these files?

The answer is yes and no. You may want to extract text because you don’t want to download any chm reader or PDF reader on your computer. Also, if you have only one file or a page of content to read, it may not make sense to download a software to read that one page. However, it’s funny if you have one page of content, and you will still go ahead and download the software given below (when, in reality, you could have downloaded CHM or PDF reader).

Anyway, Text mining is a freeware tool for copying and extracting textual contents out of a file. You can of course do this manually if the currently installed program has an “edit” feature, but Text Mining is faster. It can mine or extract CHM’s and PDF’s content.


With a simple interface text mining tool lets you to upload chm, pdf or doc and Rft files which will be converted into text. As it can support many more file formats, this text extracting tool can exact data from any documents and files quickly.

You can directly download text mining tool from here.

If it is a CHM file, there are many ways to view the contents of the CHM file.

As far as PDF files are concerned, you may want to use Foxit Reader (which is free) or use Adobe’s PDF reader. Mac users can use Preview (built-in tool) to read .PDF files. If you want to use your current word processor to read PDFs, and don’t want to install any new application, then I’d recommend you to use these online tools to convert PDFs into Word documents.

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