Compress AVI Files on Windows and Mac OSX

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Compressing AVI files can reduce the size of the file drastically. For example, if you have an AVI video file of size 1GB, you may want to compress it into, let’s say, 500MB. When you do that, you will have more hard disk space, which means you can store more files.

You can also compress a large .AVI file such a way that it can be burned on a CD or a DVD. Even sharing videos online gets easier when the file size is small — video can be uploaded to YouTube, for instance. Here are two easy ways to reduce AVI’s file size on your Windows and Mac OS X computer.

Method 1: Compressing AVI files on Windows using Windows Movie Maker

One of the easiest way to compress .avi file format is through the Windows Movie Maker which is pre-installed on Windows operating system such as Windows Vista and Windows XP. To start the process, choose the avi video you want to compress and Import it to Windows Movie Maker. Publish the  new movie file (AVI File) and it will be automatically compressed. For more information, check out this video below:

Method 2: Compress AVI Files on Mac OSX

As you’d probably know, Windows Movie Maker is not available on Mac, but there’s a really good alternative called Zwei-Stein. You can use this free tool to compress avi files (note that this should be used for personal use only). There’s a professional video editing feature interface among several other features. Plus, it can compress videos really quick! You can download Zwei Stein from here!

Lastly, you can always use DIVX (divx encoder) to effectively compress huge AVI files with a few steps!

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