Convert BMP To PNG, JPG Image File

By Sidharth | How-to

There is a need to change the format of the image as converting the images can help you various aspects such as size, colors and quality. If you have a couple of BMP images file and would like to convert these bmp to PNG then here are some recommended freeware.

Before that let me tell you the real problem with the image converters, some of them cost money or ruin the color output. For example, if you are converting BMP to PNG image then the output will obviously be different, kind of a little darker than the original image.

Few BMP Image Converters

Here are some of the best and free bmp image converter tools that can be downloaded for free. All of them accepts bmp image file input.bmp_images

  • Irfan View Freeware
  • Format Factory Freeware
  • Imag Icon
  • Fast Stone Image Viewer or FastStone Photo Resizer

With the above free tools, apart from the ability to convert BMP images, you’ll also be able to convert JPG files and PNG, GIF files quickly. However, like I said – the quality of the images might vary. Another way for quality lossless conversion is to upload bmp or other images on image sharing website such as tinypic or imageshack, capture a snapshot and save in your desired format. You can do this with paint utility or other image capturing tool effectively.

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