Customize Windows XP folder icon using iColorFolder

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Why not customize your windows xp icons with attractive colors and shiny folders which will make your desktop look much better ? This can be done in two manual ways,first use any icon search engine to search icons and change the xp default icon folder to that particular icon manually and the next option would be to use freeware softwares like rainbow folder or iColor Folder.

iColorfolder is a windows based free ware software which has lots of skins,icons and colors to make your desktop folder look attractive.One good use of customizing folder is to organize the files and this is exactly what icolor folder does! You can customize your folder icons easily with a few clicks.

Changing the color and icon of the folder will help you recognize the files much easier.Just download icolorfolder software (1.48mb) and after the setup you will be able to colorize,customize with any standard colors you like.There are 13 additional skins available which will enable you to add more features to the desktop folder.

iColorfolder works with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download iColorFolder

Download extra skins

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Madhur Kapoor September 21, 2008

I have used Rainbow colors. Will try this one.

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