Disabling Java Plugin on Every Browser on Windows and Mac OS

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The serious security issues present in Java RunTime Environment (JRE) is one of the reason why you must turn off Java plugin on your browser. As reported by The Register, Java version 1.7 or higher installed on your PCs can cause problems.

Attackers can use custom webpage to force your Mac or Windows computer to download programs like Keylogger or malwares. That’s downright scary, so all the browsers running Java 1.7 should either remove the Java plugin completely or disable it temporarily from their browser — be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Removing Java plugin will stop your browser from running Java applets on websites. But once you learn the technique of disabling Java plugin on your computer (it’s really easy), you can always enable it again to run these applets. The instructions below, thanks to Reddit, should help you disable Java on every browser:

How to Disable Java Plugin

Disabling Java Plugin on Mozilla Firefox Browser:

  • Launch Firefox
  • From Tools, go to Add-ons
  • Go to Plugins
  • Look for Java and click the Disable button next to it

Turning off Java Plugin on Mozilla Firefox

Disabling Java Plugin on Google Chrome Browser:

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Type chrome://plugins/” (without quotes) in the address bar
  • Look for Java and click Disable

Turning off Java Plugin on Google Chrome

Disabling Java Plugin on Opera Browser:

  • Launch Opera browser
  • Type “opera:plugins” (without quotes) in the address bar
  • Disable both Java(TM) Platform and Java Deployment Toolkit

Turning off Java Plugin on Opera

Disabling Java Plugin on Internet Explorer Browser:

  • Disable UAC, if enabled
  • Go to Control Panel and look for Java app
  • Go to advanced tab
  • Expand Default Java for browsers
  • The check box next to IE is grayed out. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer and press space bar so it is unchecked. Click OK
  • You can re-enable UAC and restart now

Turning off Java Plugin on Microsoft Internet Explorer

Disabling Java Plugin on Safari Browser:

  • Launch Safari
  • From the menu bar, go to Preference
  • Select Security and uncheck “Enable Java.”

Note:  Instead of uninstalling or deactivating Java, you can always update it. But as of now, there’s no Java update available, so it’s best to deactivate it.

Check if Java is turned off completely

To check if Java plugin has been successfully turned off, head over to this Java page (wait for the page to fully load) and you will be notified whether Java is still running actively in your browser. In that case, you may want to follow the above instructions once again, restart the browser, and revisit the Java page again.

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