Disable Mac Apps From Restoring Windows on Mac OS X Lion

By Sidharth | Apple

Lion’s Resume feature is a serious bone of contention. We have no choice but to either disable it completely or keep it untouched. Here is a way to stop Lion from resuming or restoring windows on selected apps.

The lack of customization of what windows to restore and what not to on our Mac OS X Lion machine can be tormenting.

Preview is a good case in point, as it unnecessarily restores windows of the previous session. And to control Preview from opening multiple windows was a tricky task.

Another instance is when resource-intensive application like Photoshop abruptly crashes, thereby slowing down your system as well as restoring all the previously-opened windows when you relaunch the same application.

How to Stop Windows From Restoring on Mac?

Restore Me Not is a nifty little program — sits on your System Preference, actually — which disables the windows restore feature, not entirely but only for the selected apps. You are handed over the control to specify these apps.

Turning off Lion’s Resume completely can be a bit overkill, so Restore Me Not conducts itself as a useful performer that gives us the best of both worlds: ability to resume and disable selected apps from restoring windows.

Download Restore Me Not.

Restore Me Not App

I have added Preview to Restore Me Not, and no windows will be restored from the previous session the next time. You can add or remove application from resuming using the +/- button as shown above.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t check out this app, unless you love Lion’s Resume feature. Perhaps it’s time for Apple to give us something like this built-in.

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