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TED Talks is a festival of ideas, a symposium of inspirational talks, and an exchange of thoughts where like-minded technological thinkers present and spread innovation.

TEDx Website Videos

TED Talks videos are freely available on Apple iTunes, YouTube and can be watched with subtitles on the official TED Talks website.

If you have missed watching the best TED Talks and don’t want to race through those videos online, then saving them on your desktop should be a better option.

Save TED Talks Videos With TED Grabber

You can download videos of TED Talks effortlessly, thanks to the free programs available.

TED Grabber, which was first available at SourceForge as the only program to download TED Videos, lets you find the download links and subtitles of the TED videos.

TED Talks Videos

TED Grabber generates the download links of the video you’d like to download. Once the links are generated, paste them in your browser for the download to begin immediately. From my testing, the program doesn’t work on the latest TED videos but does download older videos and subtitles.

Unfortunately, for reason unknown, the app has been taken down from the SourceForge website. However, the author has uploaded TED Grabber on a file-sharing website.

Download TED Grabber from here (Works only on Windows).

metaTED TED Talks Downloader

Another popular way to download high quality TED videos is to use the open source tool called metaTED.

The downloading process can be a bit trickier, but once you get the hang of it, this is perhaps the most easiest way to get your favorite TED talks on your computer.

Before you use metaTED, you have to download a client compatible with Metalink standard. These clients are available for both Windows and Mac OS. You can find the list of clients in this Wikipedia page.

After you have chosen and downloaded any one of the client, head over to metaTED website where you’ll find .metalink files. Download the file, launch it from your client and the videos will begin downloading. You can download low or high quality videos instantly.

There are tonnes of TED Talks on YouTube, and if you’d like to grab only a bunch of these videos, then YouTube downloaders should come to the rescue.

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