Easy to do Tricks For Bing, Google, Twitter

By Jim Roberts | How-to

Do you sometimes find it time consuming when you browse on your favorite sites like Bing, Google, Facebook, Twitter, MSN and more? There are so many tricks free for you to use so you can actually maximize all these websites’ utilities and potential.

Top priced Bing Bonanza Trick

In using Bing, first you need to find the links to your files. These are the pages which hosts or leads to your files type like music or video. 

To do this simply input a search keyword that contains the file type. Example is Wilco for MP3 files. Same procedure applies for DOC, AAC, PDF, WMA and a few others more. Make sure that the background image is removed as Bing may appear to be cute but the large photos are surely disturbing.

Gimmicks for Google

Search straight from within a particular site. Type in your query followed by the phrase site: then the domain. Example is: crazy frogs site:blogote.com and instantly you are on that particular page of your search.

For searching file types like a PDF, just enter the search string as usual like filetype:pdf so the results it will give you are PDF pages. Same applies to PostScript(ps), rich text, plain text, office docs, etc.

To exclude certain results, place a minus sign like –iPad or –PDF.

For obtaining local details simply enter the world time followed by the city name, like Time Los Angeles; weather Los Angeles for weather forecast. Other strings are used to search for additional information about the city.

Measurement conversion is also possible in Google quick trick. Example is 3o USD in Euros or 6 cm in inches.

Tweaking Twitter

Scheduling tweets is made possible in this site so even when you are asleep or away from the PC, your posts may still be up and seen on Twitter. This also allows tweeting across various time zones in the world. Other sites provide this service such as Twuffer, SocialOomph and HoootSuite. Twuffer is preferred for being simple and other useful features plus support for Facebook.

Product deals are also posted on Twitter by many shopping sites like @amazongames, @woot or @amazonmp3.

Make use of some available client managers like Tweetdeck for keeping freebies from getting spammed. Current events updates are available from Happen.in that displays tweeters in a certain location.

Craigslist and eBay also have their particular usefulness for reservations, product listings as well as auctions.

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