Exclusive: Make Unlimited Phone Calls Using Skype

By Sidharth | How-to

Exclusive news: Existing Skype customers can make unlimited calls to mobile phones and landline numbers for free.

Crazy offer here, guys! And I don’t want you to miss this. Skype has silently launched an international offer (you saw it first here) where anyone can make calls to any mobile phones (restricted to seven countries) and landlines (around 40 countries).

Make Unlimited Phone Calls for a Month

I will update this post with more details. I have added the update below. Our reader (and a good friend) who sent me this tip confirms that he is able to make phone calls from India (using Skype app on his computer) to US (to mobile number) just fine.

Follow the instructions given below to activate your one month Skype subscription for free:

Step 1

Go to this page — Skype International Offer.

Step 2

Click on the “Claim you free month” button. Log in to your Skype account, or create a new one.

Skype Subscription Offer

Step 3

Enter your personal details. The first month subscription (costs $13.99) will be waived off completely, as you can see below.

New Skype Offer with Unlimited Calling

Step 4:

Choose your payment method. Note: Yes, You must add your card details. You can use a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or Skrill account to make the $1 payment. Don’t worry, your money will be refunded.

Step 5:

Enter the details of your card.

Step 6:

Verify payment, and wait for Skype to setup your account. They will email you the details.

Update: Rahul was charged Rs. 68 (about $1.25). The money was refunded to the account after 10 minutes. Great!

Update 2: I was charged Rs. 1 (about $.02). Weird!

Update 3: Offer valid for existing Skype customers who have registered with Skype for more than 29 days.

Update 4: As pointed out in the comment section, we can make free calls worth 10.49 Euros. But Skype says “free unlimited calls worth 10.49 Euros.” Skype also mentions that you can make unlimited calls to landlines. This is a bit confusing.

You can make calls from Skype to mobile phones and landlines to the following countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R. China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

Click here for more information

Update 5: Free one month subscription activated! [Screenshot]

Thanks Rahul for the tip.

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(11) comments

Steven October 25, 2012

I like what you are doing here, Sidharth… Keep up the superb work!

bro October 25, 2012

You should mention the offer ends on 15/11. Thanks though…

mithun October 25, 2012

What if I want to make calls without entering card details?

Romeo Llamas October 25, 2012

I went through the post and comments. 10.49 Euros worth free calls is something good. Ill be buying one to call my parents who stay in Surrey. Thanks.

Frank October 25, 2012

I was just going through the facebook and found this article. Thanks dude you saved me couple of bucks. I was almost going to get skype credits and then I saw this. Ill be buying it right away. Its a good offer even if they don’t return me 1$ back too. Thumbs Up !! Ill share this to my friends can use it too.

LOL October 25, 2012

It works lol! I think it’d be safe to cancel subscription within 27 days.

Vishal October 25, 2012

Best part is PayPal as I don’t really use Credit Card. Thanks Man.

Abhijeet Mukherjee October 25, 2012

There are a number of terms and conditions though, which they list at the bottom of the page. Firstly, it isn’t completely unlimited… they say “calls worth Euro 10.49.” So there is a limit. They also mention, “To qualify for the offer, you must provide valid payment details. After the first month, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel within 27 days of the start date.” This is something users should note and remember to cancel or else they’ll get charged after 27 days of usage.

    Sidharth October 25, 2012

    Abhijeet, thanks! Like I said, I will update the post with more details. And you just made the whole task easier for me.

deepak sharma October 25, 2012

many thanks for the tip …. any for how long this offer will be ….

    Sidharth October 25, 2012

    Till 15th of next month! 🙂

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