Fix Access Denied And Blocked From Chatroulette Website Message

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After the launch of the new Chatroulette design, the website has significantly dwindled the number of men pointing out their guns at you. I am not sure how the sites’ backend operates, but it is a known fact that chatroulette is working hard on keeping the site “clean.”

Similar to other webcam anonymous chatting sites, the recent changes in the Chatroulette system directs certain number of users to the “Access Denied” page, which is rather annoying and another way of Chatroulette to let you know that you have been blocked from the site. I was a victim of this, and I am absolutely sure I was fully dressed, although shoddily I admit.

Chatroulette blocked? Bypass the Access Denied Message

Here are a few ways through which you can bypass the Access Denied message on the Chatroulette website, and safely use your webcam again. Actually, the message conveys an important note that you should know:

Access denied

Your system failed to identify with Chatroulette. If this is a mistake, try disabling your firewall.

Please write to if this issue persists.

Access Denied Chatroulette

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So: drop a message to the Chatroulette e-mail ID requesting access to the website. That’s the first solution to unblock the access denied message on the Chatroulette. This usually works because your IP has been probably reported, and Chatroulette will unblock your IP.

Also, try disabling your firewall. In other words, make sure to enable the firewall. Reload the website and see if that helps.

Nothing works?

I bet the above solution should fix your connection. However, when I was banned from the Chatroulette chat, I walked away from the PC for about an hour—yes, I was depressed over the ban. When I was back, I switched on my PC, typed in the website name in the address bar,, and bam! The site was working!

Silly I know,  but I believe it was just a temporary ban.

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