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Accessing Mac remotely is easier with Google’s new Chrome extension. When you have remote access, you can not only get the look and feel of the host computer but also access and transfer files with ease. Having a remote access is like a free pass to do anything, anytime, and from anywhere.

For example, if you have remote access, you can help fix your friend’s MacBook remotely. You can also run programs, troubleshoot, or share files. As a parent, you can monitor your kids.

How to Remotely Access iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air

Chrome Remote Desktop is Google’s new cross-platform extension that seamlessly allows you to access Mac, Linux, Windows OS, etc. Pushing the boundaries of what browsers can really do, the new extension enables you to remotely connect to other computers over the Internet.

For example, Mac users can remotely access Windows PC. iMac users can remotely access MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Plus, after you’ve installed the extension, you can also connect and monitor multiple computers in each tab. Pretty cool, right? Google really nailed it with this extension.

To setup remote access, all you need is the Google Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop installed on both computers. Chrome Remote Desktop extension certainly isn’t the lightest one around, but the 19MB download is worth it.

Once you’ve downloaded this extension, launch it from the Web Store page — you can also open a new tab on Chrome to find this extension. You can allow access to to your Google account.

You can share your computer for remote access, or choose to access a shared computer of your own or of your friends. You’ll get a 12 digit code, which when entered will establish a remote connection between the two computers.

You can wirelessly connect over 802.11n, or establish remote access through Ethernet.

When your Chrome Remote Desktop session ends, you can always start a new session once again. Chrome Remote Desktop is in beta, but you can download it for free.

Chrome Remote Desktop is an excellent substitute for commercial remote access programs. And given that it’s free, easy to setup, and delivers a pretty stable experience, Chrome Remote Desktop extension is a valuable addition for anyone in the look out for a convincing remote desktop experience.

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