Google Chrome: Fix Adobe Flash and Adobe PDF File Viewing issues

By Sidharth | How-to

The Chromium blog has announced a useful Google chrome update which has fixed lot of issues including the plugin compatibility problem. To fix all the issues, simply update your browser. If you would like to update Google chrome, then open your Chrome browser, go to Settings –> About Google chrome and you will find an update that can be done in a couple of seconds.

The changes will be reflected once you retstart the browser.

The latest Google chrome Updates fixes the following issues:

  • Can’t watch Youtube videos
  • Adobe Flash Player doesn’t work
  • Chrome high CPU usage when plugins are used
  • Chrome crashed on Viewing large Adobe PDF file

The chrome team did a good job by solving the unresponsive PDF file viewing issue and finding a solution for adobe flash player plugin which helps user to stay on chrome and browse flash content or any YouTube videos.

The update is a must to avoid the manual work around for watching Youtube videos on Chrome and to install adobe flash player for chrome which was one of the major problem since the inception of Chrome.

I have updated my Chrome browser on my Mac, and sometimes — just sometimes — I fall under a few problem swhen watching YouTube videos in full screen. Some of the users have reported that chrome becomes unresponsive and the YouTube video stops buffering in between. Hopefully the next version of Chrome will fix this.

Update September 12th, 2012: Google Chrome browser now runs YouTube videos just fine. Even viewing PDF files take no time, and playing flash games or watching flash content doesn’t crash Chrome anymore on my Mac. However, on Windows I have seen Chrome crashing a couple of times, but the latest version is much more stable and you may want to consider updating to this version right now.

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