How to backup Free hosted blogspot blogger or wordpress Posts

Backup is a solution to safeguard your data so that it is intact and safe for future use.Generally if you own a self hosted blog then there are plenty of ways for backing up your articles,images and important draft posts online.But those free hosted blogspot bloggers doesn’t have a option to retrieve the posts and images.For this reason Blogger Backup was created.

This useful software allows you to not only backup’s the Google’s blogger blogspot blog but also freely hosted wordpress backup can be done within couple of minutes as this simple backup utility saves your posts and other article,images on your local hard disk drive.

Using Blogger backup for Blogspot/Wordpress backup

First download Blogger backup and finish the installation.Select “Add Blog” to add your blogspot or wordpress login details.After adding all the necessary blogs which you want to backup,just choose the blog and the backup range (last 10,25,50 articles).Alternately if you have lost all the articles/posts or comments from the blog then you can restore them using “Restore” option.The software is pretty useful and dos the backup task quickly!

Download Blogger backup

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    Thank god they just back up with all login credentials, there are few tools which dont even require backups and that be very much dangerous, they back up our blog databases and sell them for a good price. Such thing do happen sometimes and once long back sizzled core was a victim…