How to delete Yahoo email Account permanently

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Many people like privacy and sometimes the privacy is sold by some culprits in exchange for money or some benefits.You can make use of temporary and disposable mail services but if it too late then you have to delete your email account.

Some reasons on why you want to delete the email account :

  • You are spammed heavily.
  • You have unused Mail id’s.
  • You no longer use that mail id
  • You are threatened that your id will be hacked
  • Abusive mails and blackmail through mails.

For this reason many web portal mail service provides a way to delete the account,so in this post I will discuss on how to delete existing yahoo account,yahoo provides a way to delete your account easily and hardly takes couple of minutes.

So if you have a mail id and wondering how to delete the whole account completely and permanently then here is a easy way to do.

But remember by deleting the mail id you will also lose account data and settings,Profile names,Yahoo! Address Book, Yahoo! Small Business, Yahoo! GeoCities, Yahoo! Briefcase and many more account options which are spread across the Yahoo! network and those information cannot be retrieved.So make sure you know what you are doing.


Deleting yahoo email account : 

Step 1 – Log in to your yahoo mail account.Enter your username and password.

Step 2 – Now visit this link Delete My yahoo account page.Scroll down a bit and you will find a similar page like this. 


Step 3 – Enter your mail account password and then enter the random code carefully.

After doing this,Just click on Terminate this Account.You are done!

Now your account will be notified to Yahoo team and it will be deactivated and then deleted from there user registration database in approximately 90 days!

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aleem khan February 14, 2013

delete my yahoo account.It is hacked.

Erdal February 20, 2011

Reply November 26, 2010

tired of other people in my email account email are made for one person per account make your own email account it only takes a few minutes and you will get the same things as brandii lashea cole which is my name so make your own thank you

somika September 17, 2010

someone is add his/her id address in my yahoo account. it means he check my incoming mails. how i delete his account.

PRADEEP April 5, 2010


Robert Baker January 17, 2010

Someone stole my e-mail account and address book and proceeded to send e-mails to my contacts asking for money. I only know of one that sent any money. Thanks for terminating my account!!!!

graig dayes July 27, 2009

slight erro i already have a hotmail account and a little minor problem with my account
the yahoo.replace my hotmail and i did not bargain for that…so i decide to cancel
manny thanks for your understanding..

pooja April 27, 2009


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