How to Download WikiPedia Access, Read Wikipedia Articles Offline

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Wikipedia is a huge ultimate reference material and knowledge hub which attracts millions of people everyday who are glued in the deep linked articles filled with huge amount of information. If you do a quick search on the Internet for wikipedia CD’s then you will get lots of products that includes wikipedia articles, content pages.

Obviously you can buy those CD’s but the cost is a bit too expensive as well, also there are some free service discussed in this post which allows you to read and download the content and required articles to access wiki offline. Not everyone has an unlimited Internet connection or many people tend to use Wiki as a source of  reference offline as it is much faster and easy. So this is perhaps the best way to read wikipedia articles offline.

Definitely you can’t save each page of wikipedia pages on your hard disk, even if you do then it takes hell lot of time. So if you are wondering how to get most of the articles pages easily and for free then read on..

Download Wikipedia free Package :

Pocket Wikipedia is an excellent freeware application which downloads the  Wikipedia pages to pocket_wikipedia_offlineyour PC and Windows Mobiles for offline usage. This Pocket Wikipedia has a 175 MB zipped file of Wikipedia articles with 14 Million words and 24,000 images (size of a fifteen volume encyclopedia) which has enough topics and required information for you to keep searching for knowledge.

Pocket Wikipedia works on Windows Mobiles, Linux PCs and Windows PCs. You can download all the 14 million words with images, article, pages using rapidshare or primary download link. A good way to access Wikipedia anywhere, anytime 😉

Click here to download Pocket Pedia (Primary download) “link expired”

Click here to download Pocket Pedia (Rapidshare)

Firefox Offline Wikipedia addon :

Firefox browser supports addons which makes it one of the finest useful browser, here is a tricky addon called as Zipedia. When you have no Internet, or when the Internet is so slow, this addon will help you access everything offline on your computer. Zipedia can process such compressed wiki dump to be used locally on your computer.

Example – ‘wikipedia://wiki/Egypt’ for immediate offline access to a wikipedia article without Internet connection.

First you will have to download the wikipedia XML dump for offline use (no need to run neither MySQL nor mediawiki ). Now install the Zipedia addon and Go to Tools-> Add-ons-> zipedia-> preferences. The wizard will guide you through the steps of downloading the wikipedia XML dump (~3G for the English wiki) and the conversion process which might consume few hours.

Download XLM wiki dump (Thanks Ben)

I will be writing some more ways to access wikipedia offline and ways to download a specific category pages from wiki in my next article. So stay subscribed to get alerted!

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