How To Install Miranda Skins, Themes And Icons

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Recently I found out few Miranda skins and themes that are available at deviant art website. Though the default theme loads much faster but there are ways to change the icons, skins with few tweaks in Miranda IM settings.

And I found out there was NO SKINS folder in the program files of Miranda (I had to create one), I tried lots of methods and came up with this trick that will be help you in applying the skins or custom themes on Miranda.

Install Miranda Skins miranda_theme

It took me a lot of hard time to figure out the installation process until I figured out the contact list plugin. This plugin will change the skin of Miranda and allows the option to browse custom skins or themes. Download contact list and unzip it into plugins folder of Miranda which is usually found in your C drive program files.

C:Program FilesMiranda IMPlugins

Again go to C program files and create a folder called “Skins” (without the quotes). So you now have an empty folder located here

C:Program FilesMiranda IMSkins


Now open Miranda client and from the menu – navigate to options which opens up a dialog box as shown above. Click on the contact list skin that displays Miranda skin on default profiles. Assuming you have downloaded these Miranda skins and extracted them into Skins folder – go to browse from contact list skin -> choose the skin .msf file extension and apply it.


Changing Icons on Miranda

Move over to options, customize and then to click on the icons sub section where you will be able to load fresh set of icons or change icons on your Miranda client. You can also download icons from the official site and integrate them with Miranda. I hope this tutorial was useful, if you are unable to apply theme or have any issues with this then let me know.

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NewbieCustomizer September 18, 2010

Thanks so much!
You are the man. It’s so hard to find an easy to understand skin guide for miranda.

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