How to Reduce Compress AVI Video Files For Uploading to Youtube

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If you are stuck with a slow Internet connection and want to upload AVI Video files to Youtube community then here is a free Video compressing software which reduces the file size of .avi files,making it easier to upload the small sized avi videos on websites such as Youtube.


The freeware video software is Zwei-Stein which is a professional video editing and video compressing software for personal use.The latest Zwei Stein 3.01offers advanced .Avi files compressing features and can be downloaded from here.

Generally the use of Zwei stein is not limited to video compression but it also allow you to complete the following advanced tasks such as :

  • Edit unlimited Audio And AVI Video Files
  • Reduce Compress AVI Videos size for Youtube
  • Add custom Video effects and save them.
  • Group audio and videos in Sub groups
  • Easy Audio Video Mixing feature

Zwei Stein is one of the popular professional video editing and compressing avi videos software with a full fledged freeware tag.Apart from AVI video compression,ZS4 (Zwei Stein) also allows excellent video editing in a professional manner for free of cost.I am sure the extra features and video enhancement capability along with avi file compression option will be something which lots of people will be searching for and will get benefited by downloading Zwei-Stein utility.The latest version of Zewi Stein 0.958 can be downloaded from here

Zwei Stein for Linux 0.958
Zwei Stein for Windows 0.958
Zwei Stein for Mac OSX 0.956

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Bubba February 7, 2010

This absolutely sucks. I simply want to compress an .avi file but can’t find the simple instructions to do that, even in your online help. I went through all the menus and nothing seems intuitive. For instance, do I need to import a file to compress it? If so how do I import it? I checked the box next to the file I am trying to compress but then there is nothing. I tried right clicking and got nothing. Then it offers a link to Help which simply takes the user back to the website which is no help. You guys missed the boat on this one. It is absolutely not user friendly.

Madhur Kapoor November 8, 2008

I normally used Windows Movie Maker. Will give this a try

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