How to Restore/ Retrieve Deleted Files From Trash on Mac

By Sidharth | Apple

Every Mac users have their own set of self-discovered tricks buried under their hat. However silly a trick may seem — renaming a file, for instance — you can’t deny the fact that they are useful. Did you know you could select a file, hit “Enter” to rename a file?

Today, we will see how to retrieve a deleted file from trash and put the file in its original location. This is possible on Windows with the “restore” feature; however on iMac, you need to drag the trash file onto your desktop and then place it in its specified location.

Sometimes you may accidentally delete a file, and you may not be able to recollect the original location of the file. In such cases, use the “delete” button to place the files from trash to its original location. Firstly, open Trash and go to View —> Customize toolbar.

Drag the “Delete” button (the one with the red circle) and place it on the Trash toolbar as shown:

Now select the item from your Trash which you’d like to restore, and hit the “delete” button!

Viola — the file is restored! 😉

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