Unlocking Contacts on Gmail’s Gtalk

By Sidharth | Google

Gmail’s Gtalk is one of the widely used instant messenger used worldwide. Now, this little chat tool also comes with a lot of customization option. You can change skin, add new people, and even block them. What? Yes, you can block friends from your contact list.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you already know how to block people on your Gtalk. Now, I assume you have done this for several reasons:

  • You block people for fun.
  • You block people because you are irritated.
  • You block people because you are busy.
  • You block people because they are talking nonsense.

Blocking a person from a Gtalk’s contact list will put you in “offline” mode in the blocked person’s list, which means he/she will see you as offline and they can’t send you messages anymore. There are some tricks to find out who blocked you on Gtalk but right now, I will be showing a simple way to unblock the blocked Gtalk contact.


Visit Gmail.com and on the left sidebar you will see the “Contact” link. Type the contact name or search the name of your friend in the contact box. Gmail will pull a list of relevant names, and once you have found the person you have blocked, click ”Auto” or “Always” show in chat list. If you click on “Block” the person will be blocked again from your Gtalk chat list.

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sanjay March 31, 2010

Please tell me how can i got my disable id. I need very urgent. without any Google information my id have been disabled. It’s not fair.

AMIT VARSHNEY March 22, 2010

this ID password problem

sunayna February 15, 2010


none February 10, 2010

How can I unblock a web page.rhat has been block?

usama August 21, 2009

this ID password probleme

ashok July 1, 2009


Kirk February 9, 2009

What if you accidentally blocked someone and don’t know who it was? How do I search for all the contacts that are currently blocked?

Raju February 4, 2009

Wish you had written this sometime back, I had to struggle through to unblock a friend!!

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