Keyboard Shortcuts to Capture Screenshot on Mac OS

By Sidharth | Apple

With plethora of commercial utilities available for the Mac OS to capture screenshots, only a handful of screen capturing tools are worth the penny spent. However, new Macbook Pro and iMac users should know that the Mac OS sports a built-in feature to capture screenshots without using any software. This can be easily done with the combination of few keyboard strokes.

For some of you, using the keyboard shortcuts for capturing screenshots might not be the ideal option, but if you are hesitant to pay for the software, and, most importantly, if you want to capture snapshots instantly, then this is perhaps the niftiest possible way.

Capture Screenshots With Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift + Command + 3 — Simply pressing these keys together on your keyword will invoke the full screen screenshot capture. The entire screen will be automatically saved on your desktop.

Shift + Command + 4 — If you want to capture only a part of the screen and not the full screen, then press these keys on your keyboard and use the cursor to capture the screen. The captured image will be saved on your desktop.

Also check out the “Grab” application available on the Mac OS for taking screenshots. For further editing of these images, use the iPhoto tool, which is usually bundled with the new iMac and Macbook Pro devices.

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