Mac Office Tip: White Text on a Black Background [X-ray Mode]

By Sidharth | Apple

Not everyone loves white text on a black background, but for those who do, this is for you. Some people find it easier to write on a black background in Microsoft word. You don’t have to alter the template to change the background — it’s much more simpler than that.

Simply switch to the X-ray mode, which changes your entire Mac screen into a glowing mixture of black-and-white color.

Not just Microsoft Office products but also your Mac applications, games, and everything else in between, will enjoy black background with a glint of X-ray silver lining on every Window.

Activate Black Background on Mac

Take for example, Microsoft word, which is bundled with Office for Mac. When you activate the X-ray mode on your Mac, this is how your Mac screen will look like (sorry about the blurry pic).

Mac Word Office

To activate the X-ray mode, you can use this keyboard combo: Control + Option + Command + 8

Alternatively, you can go to System Preference -> Universal Access, and select the tab Seeing. There’s an option under the Display section to set White on black. You can use grayscale and set contrast to your needs.

Mac Office Black Background

If you are looking for something similar, that is to have a black background to write on, then try out Writer which is one of the popular distraction-free online writing tool.

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