Make Free Prank Phone calls using automated call back service

Here’s should you make a prank phone calls to your friends: it’s fun and a story to tell. Doing a hoax call online is possible, and it is certainly one of the craziest activity to do. Some people are against anonymous prank phone call but when you do it on your friend it is so much fun to see there reactions!

It is kind of insane to see that couple of days ago I had posted on free reverse phone lookup sites that reveals the details of a phone number, and now here is a post which can help you make an anonymous call to your friend. You can also make the call on your phone number (call back) if you are planning to escape a situation — you are in a boring meeting, or in between some people you don’t want to talk to.

Before we learn on how to make free prank phone calls, you should know that these services also offer automated calls on a specific time and date set by you, but you may be charges for this. I’d recommend you to try out the free version where you can do a prank calling to your friends or play around with internaional phone numbers.

Making Private Phone Calls to Phone Numbers

This free service is Getmooh, this Internet service makes the calls using VOIP technology to call back you.


How to make those free prank phone calls

Getmooh actually focus on calling yourself to get out of sticky situations but you can also set a phone call to play with your friends. Firstly, sign up for a Getmooh account — creating an account is completely free. You will have to enter few details along with your phone number, then wait for a verification code which will be sent to your signed up phone number (SMS). This code will act like a password for making prank calls in the future. Now visit there website and make a prank call or place an automated call back to your own phone number.

You will have the option to select wide range of pre-recorded tones when you or your friend picks up the call. Getmooh also supports International calling. You can’t talk with friends, you can only send a pre recorded tone. They have a good list of tones to make prank calls! Also this free call back service is still in the incremental stage and the team is trying to increase the limit of number of calls made per day — though it supports international phone calling but many people who are not in US, UK and Canada cannot enjoy the service right now.

Update 2012: Getmooh site doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t know what exactly happened to the site, but I was expecting them to stay a little longer on the Internet.

A similar website which allows you to make prank calls for free is “My phone blaster” that is available only to the USA and Canada phone numbers for a limited period of time.



My phone blaster allows you to upload your own file — you can also download some funny prank call available on YouTube and upload them here. To get an idea on how to make good calls, check out our post on some of the best prank calls made from cell phones.

On Getmooh, upload the file (max 8mb) and the first 30 seconds of your conversations will be recorded. You can also choose the prank call voice from the list and call your friends instantly.

For making extended free prank calls you have to get credits (paid, of course).

Lastly, is yet another website that lets you make calls to any phone numbers and record this call. As you won’t be revealing your phone number, your identity will remain anonymous and you can play the prank to your heart’s content.

Do you know any good sites to make prank calls? Let us know through your comments below.

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