Transferring Adobe Products to a Single Folder on Mac

By Sidharth | Apple

After you have purchased and installed Adobe Creative Suite on your Mac system, you will notice the Adobe applications — Illustrator, Indesign, Onlocation, Premiere, Photoshop, etc — are all over the place.

Compared to other apps, Adobe’s installation process on Mac is very different. If you are going to install Adobe CS (Creative Suite) on Mac, you will know it has over 10 applications, and each of them will be available separately after the installation.

Adobe icons and apps on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

You will ultimately have more than 10 shiny icons (one for each app) spread in your Application folder. That’s how Macs work, but this will make your existing Application folder bigger, forcing you to scroll down endlessly to find the application you want to launch. This is why you must organize your applications by transferring similar ones into a single folder. For instance, you can put all the application of Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Creative Suite into a single folder to free your Applications folder from clutter and easily locate apps.

How to Transfer Adobe apps to a Folder

You may launch Application folder from the dock, but you can’t create a folder directly from there. So first you have to launch Finder, then go to Applications.

New Adobe Software Folder on Mac

Here, create a new folder. I will name this new folder as “Adobe Blogote.“ Now, copy all the applications (Adobe apps, in our case) and drag-and-drop it into the new folder. Close Finder.

From the dock, launch Application to find this folder. That’s it!

Adobe Application Folder

Next time you find the Application folder a pain to use because of the number of the apps installed, create folders and put similar applications in this new folder. This method of organizing is extremely useful when you have lots of games in your Application folder.

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