Mozilla Firefox 3 Crashes – Uninstall Buggy Addons and Themes

By Sidharth | How-to

After installating a Firefox theme addon which resembles Mac OS skin, my Mozilla browser crashed. I restarted the browser, and, as expected, Firefox crashed again. This really got me thinking for a solution.

Firefox used to crash due to that incompatible addon, I knew, and so I made a fresh installation of the browser on my Windows computer. I was aware of the the compatibility issue of the theme linked with Firefox. But nothing really worked for me.

However, I found a simple solution to uninstall those buggy addons and themes. I did this by opening your Firefox in safe mode. To open your Firefox browser in safe mode — go to Run from windows start menu and input this firefox -safe-mode to get the safe mode up and running.

You will get a small window box asking you about disabling addons and other features in the safe mode. Continue. In the safe mode, you will not be able to use installed addons. But as we are using the safe mode to uninstall those addons/extensions, head over to tools –> Add-ons and then you can remove these addons instantly.

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Now you have uninstalled the addon that were the brains behind freezing your Firefox browser. Relaunch Firefox in the normal mode, and you’ll now hardly be a victim of the crashing issue.

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