Mute, Activate Speaker Settings on HTC WP7 Device With Attentive Phone

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Attentive Phone is the newest app in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace that fuels the need to customize your phone’s speaker settings.

When it comes to customizing your phone, it’s a known fact that WP7 is impinged with limitations, though effort has been made to bring changes.

With one app at a time, the WP7 Marketplace is blooming. This time we have an excellent app that will raise some eyebrows. The app is HTC’s Attentive Phone.

Attentive Phone For WP7

According to the description in the Marketplace, the updated version of Attentive Phone makes your phone smarter by allowing you to take actions. In other words, the app is essentially about controlling your phone’s speaker.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can turn over your phone to activate speakers during calls. You can also flip your phone to mute ringer.

When the phone sits in your pocket, you can enable the option to increase the ringer volume. Lastly, you can also reduce the volume on pickup easily.

Download Attentive Phone App

Before you feast on this app, you should know that Attentive Phone works only on Mango-updated phones. So, folks on NoDo update, just hang in there.

So, if your Windows Phone 7 device is running Mango, you can customize the speaker settings by downloading this app from Zune.

Download Attentive Phone For WP7 (Zune link)

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